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Primary Care & Aesthetics located in Fort Collins, CO

Primary care should be about you and your health care needs. JD Wideman, DO, and her Jane&Jayne team provide personalized, affordable primary care at their office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Wideman believes that every person deserves accessible, affordable, excellent health care. To better suit each patients’ needs, the team offers direct primary care memberships, which provides you with 24/7 access to your doctor without the high cost of concierge medicine. To learn more, call Jane&Jayne or schedule an appointment online today.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care is comprehensive health care which promotes prevention and health under one roof. Whether you’re feeling sick, managing a chronic illness, feeling down, in pain, or want to discuss a healthcare plan to prevent illness, your primary care doctor is your home base for your health.

Your primary care doctor helps organize visits to specialists, lab work you may need, medications, and prevention of disease under one roof. It’s important to choose a doctor who hears you and one you can trust to make your health their top priority. Dr. Wideman and the Jane&Jayne team prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction above all else and want every patient to feel heard and important.

How does direct primary care work?

Jane&Jayne is proud to offer direct primary care (DPC) services. DPC is a health care model that allows doctors to focus their attention solely on you and your needs, bypassing insurance companies, restricted visit times, and the red tape which exists in most practices these days.

With DPC, a monthly membership fee provides you direct access to your doctor as often as you need, without appointment time restrictions and co-pays. The benefits of direct primary care include:

  • 24/7 access to your doctor
  • Low membership fee
  • Personalized visits
  • Longer appointments
  • Short wait times
  • Home visits
  • Increased doctor availability

DPC is especially unique in that it gives your doctor a chance to get to know you as a person, allowing them to create a plan that targets your individual needs. You can rest assured you will not be rushed and your concerns will be heard.

What is included in primary care?

Primary care is comprehensive health care that focuses on disease prevention and promoting optimal health. The primary care services at Jane&Jayne include:

Preventive care

The team provides all-encompassing preventive care that includes annual physicals, sports physicals, pre-travel consultations, and wellness exams.

Acute illness care

If you are feeling unwell, Jane&Jayne can get you in to see the doctor when you need to, without waiting weeks for an appointment.  Dr. Wideman can treat you the same or the next day for your acute needs such as injuries, skin lacerations, wounds, rashes, allergies, back pain, etc.

Chronic disease management

Regular visits with your doctor can help you maintain optimal health. Dr. Wideman manages chronic diseases such as asthma, thyroid disorders, heart disease, back pain, depression, and hypertension. She devotes all the time you need to address your concerns and make the optimal plan for your health.

Lifestyle counseling

The team at Jane&Jayne offers medical advice on diet and lifestyle changes to significantly improve your overall health and prevent future disease. Jane&Jayne offers medical weight loss plans to help kickstart the metabolism and form healthy habits and life-changing results. 

Preoperative exams

Before you have an operation, the team recommends coming in for a thorough exam. Should you require lab orders, an EKG (which is done in the office), urinalysis, or other tests, Jane&Jayne can provide you with medical clearance for your upcoming surgery. 

For direct access to an experienced primary care doctor, call Jane&Jayne today or schedule an appointment online.