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Staving off the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss, injectables are a non-invasive treatment option. At Jane&Jayne in Fort Collins, Colorado, JD Wideman, DO, and her expert team carefully construct your injectable treatment plan to reach your beauty goals and melt away the years with more natural-appearing results. Learn more about all available injectables by booking a consultation online or calling the office nearest you today to schedule a visit. 


Injectables Q&A

Which type of injectable do I need?

The best type of injectable for your needs will depend on what you want to achieve. Jane&Jayne offers several kinds of neuromodulators and fillers.


Botox is a neuromodulator injectable that blocks cell signals which cause muscles to twitch and contract. Because Botox relaxes targeted muscles, wrinkles and lines fade, smoothing the skin.

Dr. Wideman is a skilled injector and performs this procedure, working with the client to achieve their optimal results. Botox can effectively minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, bunny lines, and glabellar lines between the eyebrows.

When performed by an experienced injector, Botox can also treat chronic migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, and even excessive sweating.


Juvéderm is a collection of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that add volume to the skin. Each item in the Juvéderm line is strategically designed to fill in areas where the face has lost volume, such as the folds around the mouth, which can look like parentheses as they deepen. 

Other types of Juvéderm can plump areas that aren’t as full as you’d like, such as the lips. Sculpting cheeks or adding volume to the temples can also shave years off a face. The team strives to address their client’s areas of concern and offers different options to reach their goals. 

How long do injectables last?

Results from injectables depend on the formula used and the area they are injected into. The providers at Jane&Jayne typically find that Botox provides skin-smoothing, wrinkle-reduction benefits for three to four months.

Dermal filler injectables can plump and volumize targeted areas from nine months to two years.

Are aesthetic injectables painful?

The caring providers at Jane&Jayne want you to focus on your outcome and not worry about needles. 

To ensure your injectable service is comfortable, the team at Jane&Jayne pre-treat you to numb the treatment areas should you need it.

Start your customized injectable treatment by booking a consultation at Jane&Jayne today. Call the office nearest you, or book an appointment online to schedule your injectables consultation.

*Individual results may vary.