B Vitamin Shots


B Vitamins play an essential role in the function of our body…

From keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy to aiding in the production of DNA; the genetic material in all cells. B Vitamins are also essential in red blood cell production, overall energy and neurological function. Needless to say, B vitamins are crucial to a healthy and functioning body and mind. Lacking this essential vitamin could cause anemia, fatigue and permanent neurological changes. It’s been widely reported that almost 40 percent of Americans could be B12-deficient, according to the Framingham Offspring Study.

In addition to aiding the overall body function, B Vitamins also gives us all an energy boost! If you feel like your overall energy is down, a boost of B Vitamins might be the solution you are looking for (rather than that 4th cup of coffee…). B Vitamins can be administered weekly, monthly or any schedule you’d prefer; there is no risk of overdosing, as your liver will only keep what it needs and you will eliminate the rest. 

Why We Love B Vitamin Shots

  • It delivers an energy booster straight to the bloodstream.
  • You retain all the vitamins! Tablets can get lost in your digestive system, while the shot is directly injected into your bloodstream, allowing all of the vitamins to be absorbed. 
  • They’re amazing mood boosters. B Vitamins can even help to combat depression. 
  • B12 helps to maintain a properly functioning cardiovascular system

B Vitamin Shots (sometimes called B12 shots) are administered by our doctors at our clinic. 

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