Summer Skincare Challenges

Sunscreen, maskne, and other things to consider this summer for your skincare! Keep your skin glowing and clear this summer! Don’t neglect your skincare! Chances are, your skin has begun to suffer the effects of COVID, just like every other part of our lives. We have some recommendations for you to keep your skin healthy, […]

Sunscreen, maskne, and other things to consider this summer for your skincare!


Don’t neglect your skincare!

Chances are, your skin has begun to suffer the effects of COVID, just like every other part of our lives. We have some recommendations for you to keep your skin healthy, clear, and vibrant this summer, even some tips to combat acne (we are calling it “maskne”). We carry Image skincare products at Jane&Jayne and can help you with any of your skincare needs!


When the days are hot, we tend to sweat more and all that moisture accumulates on our skin to clog pores. Twice-daily cleansing will help prevent the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and other types of blemishes. In the morning, start your day with a fresh face with a gentle cleanser prior to using any other skincare/makeup. Before bed, you’ll wash off all the sweat, pollution, SPF and grime that has collected on your face throughout the day along with any makeup you wore. A light foaming cleanser will be best for mornings, but you can switch to an oil-based cleanser at night to also help remove your makeup.


Exfoliating is important all year long, but in the summer it’s even more important. Skin can be much more oily in the summer, which means there’s more grime that needs to be sloughed-off. If you’ve been exfoliating once or twice a week during the cooler months, you can consider increasing how often you exfoliate. Increase the frequency of your exfoliation gradually!


Moisturizing and using serums is always a good idea, but you can temporarily shelve the heavier stuff in the summer. Some people even ask themselves, “Should I bother moisturizing when my skin is so oily?” The answer is YES! You can switch to a lighter gel or water-based moisturizer during this time. Heavier creams can be left for autumn and winter months when air tends to be drier and you are more likely to be in artificially heated environments. You can also lighten up on heavy serums and opt for lighter fare to keep skin from getting too oily.


By this we mean you should look for non-comedogenic makeup that won’t unnecessarily clog pores. In fact, we recommend using light makeup in the cooler months as well to prevent breakouts. Makeup products will often label themselves “non-comedogenic” directly on the packaging.


We saved the most important step for last. If you do nothing else to take care of your skin this summer, please make sure you at least use sunscreen early and often. And use it indoors as well. Chances are you won’t be lounging poolside or at the beach all day every day (but if you are we are jealous!). And when you’re not outside lounging, you’ll most likely be inside staring at a screen, whether it’s a TV, computer or cell phone, or driving – a ton of UV damage happens while we are in the car! UV can be highly damaging to skin, leading to the accelerated signs of aging, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.


Now that protective face masks are the norm, so is a form of acne most people are just learning about: “maskne.” What is maskne? Technically called acne mechanica, this type of skin issue is caused by repeated friction, pressure, and irritation from using face coverings regularly. As you can guess, the breakouts typically occur right where the mask physically touches or covers: the nose, cheeks, and jaw area.

From a physiological perspective, a face mask causes congested pores by blocking them with sweat, makeup, oil, and other clogging particulates. On top of that, skin becomes more susceptible because the face masks themselves might not always be clean and the humidity caused by the moisture from the breath being trapped inside the mask allows bacteria to fester more easily.

The good news is you can simply upgrade or alter your skincare routine to help prevent and minimize the appearance of maskne. We have a specific maskne protocol based on the issues you might be facing and carry the Image Skincare line in the office, which has something for every skin type and concern!

Resist the temptation to wash or scrub your skin intensely. If you’re suffering from maskne, chances are your skin is more sensitive than usual due to all the chafing. Sweep away the debris using a gentle cleanser can help. Come on in and talk to us for recommendations!

We might be living in unprecedented times, but you can still make sure your skin is glowing and radiant by following some basic skincare tips!

Happy Summer!


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